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Additional power/installation/repairs/testing

There are many occasions when a business needs additional power sources so that the original points are not overloaded, and it can be so frustrating when you have the necessary “get up and go” but cannot because of the lack of power. C|S|M offer this services amongst many other office alterations.

Electrical repairs in LondonThis frequently occurs when we refurbish restaurant kitchens and find that the new equipment is far too much for the original wiring, though we have already discussed this topic with the owners before starting the job so they know the score.

That is but one example, but should you be building new business premises, or even renovating your existing property, then you have an exciting opportunity to put your plans and ideas into action.

This should be a pleasant experience, and with some of the best qualified electricians in London C|S|M can do the job right for you. We'll be there every step of the way with the support and commitment of an experienced and reliable team of trade professionals and electrical technicians to help ensure your building project is a success.

Offices are often in need of additional power to cope with new employees, new equipment, new practices and they find that what was perfectly fine 12 months ago is now well out of date so:

C|S|M, maintenance contractors in London, can help with additional power

Of course, our electrical team can always add new sockets to help take the extra load but in many cases that just isn’t enough so there is always the option of a new floor box or two which should do the trick nicely.

There is always an element of disturbance to the workplace when work such as this is in progress but our teams always do their utmost to limit it as much as possible.

Adding or moving a new comms room

Companies often grow, and as they grow the original concept of what was going to be a 10 year comms room is often outgrown in just a few short years. On one hand this is excellent news as it means the company is expanding nicely, but on the other hand it means they has to make a significant spend to advance their communication structure to meet the demand.

We at C|S|M fully understand these problems as we meet up with them all the time and adding additional power to a comms room is a simple task for us. However, the much larger task is when the company needs a brand new comms room which, though it is a larger job, allows you the scope to look into the future, plan it out properly and take into account any further expansion.

A new comms room, after decoration which we can also do for you by the way, will have all the equipment you need for the foreseeable future, and which allows you peace of mind in terms of your company moving forward.

Fixed wire inspectionsRepairs to your systems

C|S|M take things like these in their stride and our highly qualified technicians are always there to help out with breakdowns and repairs.


We know full well that some companies do not fully test their work! It may be because Friday tea time in nigh or the staff are not concentrating as they should, but it happens all too often with the result being that untested work is often faulty, and when something is faulty it is prone to break down.

Our technicians often work evenings and weekends so the former never applies to them, but they have been trained to be professionals and testing of an installation or any work done is mandatory. That being the case, you can expect superb workmanship when the C|S|M team comes a calling.

C|S|M may disturb your day

There is always a chance of some disturbance when we take on work of this sort even though our team take the utmost care to work quickly and quietly. We suggest that you call us and arrange for one of the team to visit your premises (free of charge) and discuss the options, one of which will be that the work is carried out at weekends and evenings.if  you currently have one of our regular handyman days, then perhaps we could discuss the works being completed when your regular handyperson is on site.