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Fan Coil Unit servicing

Fan Coil unit servicing completed by the C|S|M team to ensure your units are kept running smoothly. This could be included as part of your routing pre planned maintenance.

Fan coil units should be checked at regular intervals. Fan coil units basically have three major components to check : the filter, the motor and the coil itself. Completing a detailed maintenance service on a fan coil unit means expanding on these three major components, but is always worth it.

Every fan coil unit has its own operating environment, which may require a unique maintenance schedule. A formal schedule of regular maintenance and an individual unit log should be maintained to ensure the maximum performance and life from each unit.

Maintenance is necessary to prevent leakages and for proper functioning as well as mould formation. If maintenance is neglected the entire system could deteriorate much more quickly.

C|S|M can offer you a maintenance and service package for your fan coil units.

Maintenance of fan coil units is just one of our comprehensive services:

  • Preventative maintenance of fans, belts, coils and other parts.
  • Dirt, dust and insect/vermin removal.
  • Replacement of fan motors and bearings.
  • Reporting on air quality.
  • Inspection of ventilation systems.
  • Full sanitisation of entire HVAC setups.
  • Commercial kitchen and extractor cleaning.

Factors to consider when maintaining a fan coil unit.

Direct Drive Motor /Blower Maintenance


Dust control

Possible replacement.

Electrical Wiring and Controls

Belt-drive Motor/ Blower Maintenance

Filter Maintenance

Coil Maintenance

Drain Maintenance

 Why not contact us to assist you in your Fan Coil Unit servicing.

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